BuggiOlleo Wrote:
Feb 18, 2013 9:32 AM
If it's true China is building more automobiles than any country in the World, how are the Unions faring overseas? I know what's happening to Unions in the US, they are bankrupt and using overseas slave Labor to fund their own indebtedness. My opinion is this< Chinesi is really appealing to Unions because the Chinesi(Commi) Gvmvnt is the Boss of 1.3 Billion souls at .63 cents per hour; I don't know how these facts slide through the Media, but being a Chinese slave worker on the factory floor is anything but cool unless you happen to be the broker for Trillions of unfunded liability who can use overseas Gvmvnt labor as the employer to help quantum debt and economic stimulation(cheap). It's phony at the height of hypocritical Crony.