mtraina Wrote:
Feb 18, 2013 6:52 AM
SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER’S DONOR LIST MUST BE MADE PUBLiC! PUBLISH DONOR LIST We as Citizens of the United States of America have the Legal Right to Know who is Contributing to a Dangerous Leftist Group that is trying to get some of U.S. killed. I have had People who support the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER make Verbal Threats against me in person, on-line, as well as, in Print. FACT: The SPLC puts TARGETS on People’s Backs just like every other “HATE GROUP” in America! FACT: Mr. Morris can either PUBLISH the LIST of his DONORS On-Line or I am gonna take him to COURT and get the LIST anyway. HERE IS MORE PROOF OF HOW THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER WORKS! SPLC co-founder launches fresh new attack on FRC despite terrorist attack D