mtraina Wrote:
Feb 18, 2013 5:00 AM
"SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE" RECRUiTS "YOUNG BLACK THUGS"! FACT: Most, if not all of the Coaches in the South Eastern Conference have totally lost control over their Football and Basketball Players. The overall image of the "SEC" is terrible from a National Perspective. Our Conference is currently playing "GUTTERBALL" with many Players that "NEVER EVER" really Graduated from High School and will "NEVER EVER" Graduate for College. It's all become a Game of "SMOKE N MIRRORS" we have lost our Perspective. It's no longer about Honesty and Fair Play, sadly, in 2013, it's all about WINNING! FACT: Winning ain’t really WINNING, if in order to do so, we have to surround ourselves with a “BUNCH OF LOOSERS”! If Tyrone can’t Read and Write, then he don’