art119 Wrote:
Feb 17, 2013 10:26 AM
We freed South Korea from the threat of Communist domination in the 1950's but even way back then our government was too cowardly to go after the real threat; the Communist Chinese who despite all their chatter have not changed the way they think. They're Communists and they want to dominate the rest of the world. I had the Chicoms figured out a long time ago, back when I was about 12 or so when I read a series of books written by a U.S. Navy Doctor; his name was Dr. Tom Dooley and he worked in Northern N. Vietnam and Laos in the 1950's helping the people in those countries escape from Chinese brutality. They were evil then, they're evil now. I don't have an answer to what to do about N. Korea but we have to stand strong.