realjd Wrote:
Feb 16, 2013 2:47 PM
Too late, you got that wrong. Go play with your Banjo. I AM A COWARD OR WIMP? NO,YOU ANTIGUN IDIOTS ARE THE COWARD. YOU want to control how I protect myself, sorry, not going to happen. WE HAVE THE SAME RIGHT AS THE POLICE,SHERIFF, to have similiar firearms for protection as they do. This is granted by the 2nd amendment. YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE 2ND AMENDMENT? MAYBE I want another changed. Why don't we just forget all the Bill of Rights then, and go from there. THEN let us see how America will be. NORTH KOREA? I DID NOT FIGHT IN THE VIETNAM WAR FOR MY RIGHTS TO JUST BE ABUSED LIKE THIS. ALL OF YOU WHO THINK THIS WAY, YOU CAN FORGET IT. TO ME, YOU ARE NOT AMERICAN, PERIOD. MOLON LABE !!!! I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING Viet Vet