mtraina Wrote:
Feb 16, 2013 1:43 PM
QUESTION: Should Black College Athletes be Paid? LOUISIANA BLOGGERS CLUB "MEET N GREET" at the "SPLC"! Monday Night February the 19th at the "SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER" at 7"30 PM. RSVP:(504) 723-8261 (Club Secretary, Starla Traina) FACT: This will be the very 1st time that Members from both the "LBC" and the "SPLC" get together, however, we are HOPIN and PRAYIN that all goes well! FOCUS OF THE EVENT: COLLEGE SPORTS and Paying "YOUNG BLACK THUG ATHLETES" QUESTION: SHOULD WE BE PAYING BLACK THUG STUDENT ATHETES? If so, how much? The LOUISIANA BLOGGERS CLUB STANCE ON THE ISSUE IS AS FOLLOWS" "We don't have to Pay Black College Athletes we should just continue to let them MAUL the STUDENT BODY! As a matter of fact, NICK SABAN alrea