MJ117 Wrote:
Feb 16, 2013 1:31 PM
Well John & all, we were hoping that you had already discovered the REAL CAUSE OF CLIMATE WARMING AND COOLING -- namely SUNSPOT **CYCLES** as can be see in the recent video Great Climate Warming Swindle, with pretty decent explanations that make clear sense but in case you would rather just see how close a fit those sunspot numbers are to YOUR OWN WEATHER, well we did that ourselves for our near-Cinci OH weather & you can see the graphs, beautiful things, at a blog called www.Path-throughthe-Wormhole.net + there's enough detail for all you folks who just love to do the math (like I do) to do the same with your own local weather station (airport?) data + the sunspot numbers from a friendly online resource in Danish space science... Enjoy