mtraina Wrote:
Feb 16, 2013 5:37 AM
FACT: If this "AZOLE" was from Louisiana he would "DEFINITELY" be a Member of the "LOUISIANA BLOGGERS CLUB"! FACT: Former Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagan is a "KEY FIGURE" and "CHARTER MEMBER" of the "LOUISIANA BLOGGERS CLUB"! FATUOUS BLOG OF THE DAY! LOUISIANA BLOGGERS CLUB "MEET N GREET" at the "SPLC"! Monday Night February the 19th at the "SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER" at 7"30 PM. RSVP:(504) 723-8261 (Club Secretary Starla Traina) PS: This will be the very 1st time that Members from both the "LBC" and the "SPLC" get together, however, we are HOPIN and PRAYIN that all goes well! fatuous1 PS: No WEAPONS-> NO EXCEPTIONS and "BYOL,W and COKE"! PSS: ABSOLUTELY NO MOUCHING WILL BE TOLERATED! FOCUS OF THE EVENT: COLLEGE SPORTS and "