trichards Wrote:
Feb 16, 2013 2:13 AM
Wrong, conservatives want the left to leave us the hell alone and stop trying to make us believe that being gay is "fabulous". You want to be gay, fine, be gay, just stop trying to make the rest of us (and our kids)think that it's some how desirable. It may be for you, but I won't try to turn you straight if you'll stop trying to convince me that it's better to be gay. FWIW, even if you're gay, I still think you're entitled to defend yourself. Would you rather try to talk a bunch of drunk rednecks out of chaining you to the bumper of a truck while you dial 911, or tell them to back the "F" off while pointing your Glock at them? This is real life, and you absolutely will not be saved by fairy tales and well wishes, but a gun will do the job.