Troy103 Wrote:
Feb 15, 2013 8:03 PM
Time to set some of you Townhallers straight. First, not everyone who works for the federal guvmint is a deadbeat, lowlife, union dues-paying scumbag. Many of us work 50+ hours a week with no overtime. We do it because we believe in our mission. Many of us work in jobs that directly impact the warfighter: we fix military aircraft, engines, and many of the components that keep tankers, bombers and fighters in the air and safe for the dedicated men and women who fly them. Many of us didn't vote for the wannabe sitting in the White House, we can't stand the very sight of him. We pay our taxes, support the Constitution, vote Conservative, and love God and country. You're not getting an apology from me for the salary I EARN. Quit your whining.