kgsnccc Wrote:
Feb 15, 2013 3:09 PM
Doctors coerce mothers into unwanted risky lawsuit-avoidance prenatal tests for the sole purpose of aborting. In Aug. 2012 on Sunday Night Prime on EWTN, College Connection For Catholics' Judy Cozzens told a shocking story of her doctor calling her unborn child a "freak" and telling (not asking her) that he was going to abort him~she of course refused~as I recall the the baby was ok. Likewise on EWTN's Authentically Free At Last (Ep. 8 Marriage/ Vocations) Gloria Purvis noted her late-in-life pregnancy "prenatal care" was treated as a search &destroy mission by doctors & nurses who "relentlessly" pushed her toward abortion-directed testing and when she objected their attitude was "why are you here" if you're not interested in abortion"