sider Wrote:
Feb 15, 2013 8:34 AM
for the Senators to grill-harrass Hagel and all of Obama's appointees, After he's confirmed he should be watched closely to keep him within the normal process of the job and to allay the concerns of the Senators who have been ?-ing his integrity and qualifications for the job. "If" C-Hagel or B-Obama does something that they "really don't like" they can bring it to the forefront, forcing Hagel, Obama, to fix their policy or pay the political price ! It doesn't matter that much which of Obama's qualified choices for Defense-Sec is confirmed, because whoever is Sec-Def has to get along, carry out the Presidents general-policy-related-orders related to that Fed-Govt-Dept ! C-Hagel has more to offer Conservatives than Obama's next choice !