sider Wrote:
Feb 15, 2013 8:34 AM
longtime supporter of "don’t ask don’t tell," telling the NY-Times in 1999: “The armed forces aren’t some social experiment.” Gay rights groups are criticizing Hagel for Sec Def. In his apology to Hormel by Politico, Hagel said that his comments were “hurtful,” apologized to gays in general, and affirmed his commitment to their civil rights. Hormel said that Hagel’s comments, the nature of his apology raise ?'s as to whether he’s the right guy to ensure that the "repeal of don’t ask don’t tell" is fully implemented as quickly as possible in ways that'll have the least deleterious effect.” Of Hagel’s cmnt, Hormel added: “If it were made today, it'd be clearly disqualifying.” 10 US-Generals say that Chuck Hagel is qualified ! It's ok