skytroop6 Wrote:
Feb 15, 2013 2:32 AM
Mr Benson must be delusional. Rubio's reply was pathetic. He was clearly nervous, sweating, and wiping spittle from his mouth. I would expect even an average high school student on a debate team could have done even better. As usual with Republicans he create a President Obama that only exists in Republican minds. His speech was little more than Romney/Ryan's talking point during the 2012 Campaign. If it didn't win for Republicans in 2012 how is it supposed to play any different in 2013. Oh I know deliver the same old tired message by a brown faced guy with a comb over. The equivalent of old wine in a new bottle. He still lives in a Middle Class neighborhood. Really? Then why is his home on the market for $645,000 and change in FL.