jmclaughlin Wrote:
Feb 15, 2013 2:04 AM
Best article by Barone in a LONG TIME. He started to drift away for a while there... Unrelated info: I recently became acquainted with a fellow parent at my son's preschool, a liberal, a Californian by choice, born in PA. We had a quick and heated discussion about Obamacare and while she supported it, she knew absolutely NOTHING about it. When I made a joking reference to Pilosi and the "sign it before reading it" statement, she just gave me a blank stare. She had NO IDEA what I was referring to. I told her to just look this information up. On her laptop. Sitting right in front of her. Yeah, she demurred. Didn't really want to know, either. THAT is who put him into power. Also, she was incensed that I referred to him as an extremist.