mbowen300 Wrote:
Feb 14, 2013 11:53 PM
Mr. Chapman ...the Gov has already went door to door .to take guns from lawful owners that Reg.their guns and did not just take the Reg guns but all of them and the DOJ did nothing to stop it nor did they charge anyone for doing it .an they used the military to help .they did not do it nationally but it shows they can and will do it if they want to. check your facts .it was done in 2005 just in case you thought it was some time way in the past it was not .as for type . if you have a hand gun and the person that is coming to take it has a high powered rifle wth large Mag .you won't stop them .thats why the 2nd shall NOT be Infringed .you may not be as well armed as them but you need to be as close as can be