FinalRac Wrote:
Feb 14, 2013 11:01 PM
Harkin, an old fashioned liberal spender , taxer and regulator, is retiring. Of course , Iowa Low Info Voters will elect a Dem as NJ will elect a Dem to replace big spender The Laut. So what difference does it make when these two say, we have always stood for spending on ....wait...INFRASTRUCTURE. iT ALL MEANS higher taxes et al just to give stuff to the Takers in our society. And they are always Dems. As Pubs fade away into the sunlight of history, America will simply become some socialist nation with little power to show others that liberty once mattered. I see no renaissance for conservs unless Low Info Voters repent. And that is not likely to happen with our Mussolini on the Potomac dispensing freebies and lies for the LIV to inhale.