Larry1764 Wrote:
Feb 14, 2013 3:54 PM
I will continue to believe that homosexual activity is condemned by the Bible; therefore, I will not ever be able to approve of it. I will also continue to accept as equal to myself in every way and I will therefore respect him/her as such. I will even continue to try to love each person as God loves me. ¿Now, what happens when all the "prophecies" I've read here come to pass? (Christianity irrelevant, something called "gay-marriage" legalized everywhere, Republican party giving up entirely their present stances on all this, etc.) ¿Will I then be ostracized for my first paragraph positions? ¿Villified? ¿Persecuted? ¿encarcerated? ¿exterminated? (or perhaps none of that kind of thing would ever be lawfully allowed, so I