Karen151 Wrote:
Feb 14, 2013 3:53 PM
why should we put good money into the hands of the thieves in the white house, lets keep our tax money,, they are goin to tax us so much we wont have any money at all,, we have to stand our ground and tell them enough is enough, and not pay taxes any more, wake up people obama is the snake with the fork tongue, and every time his lips move he is lying , he is the snake in the grass, and all that voted for him are goin to be sorry for voting for him,, cause he is goin to screw them too, and when he says GOD BLESS America,, which god is he talking about,, heck obama and his wife dont know were to put their hands when the pledge is said,, they put their hands on the right side, and he is president and she is the first lady and they dont