chicaree Wrote:
Feb 14, 2013 3:43 PM
"HUGE problem with healthcare spending". Yes there is a problem with out of control costs for health care. 4 months ago my husband stepped on a pincushion I had left lying on the floor and ran a needle all the way into his heel. We couldn't see the end of the needle to pull it out. The doc took an x-ray and said it had to come out as needles tend to move and could end up in his heart or lungs. Into the emergency room for surgery, where they sliced open the side of his foot and removed the needle. As I sat in the waiting room there was about 20 people there waiting for care. ONLY one looked to be an emergency. It was the poor with no money nor health care insurance to get care. The bill for the surgery on his foot was $15,000.00.