Abe Froman Wrote:
Feb 14, 2013 10:28 AM
I disagree when Chapman states: "Registration of guns will end in house-to-house confiscation? Not in a million years." I guess he forgets that in New York City, the 1967 registration system for long guns was used in the early 1990s to confiscate lawfully owned semiautomatic rifles. In the UK, where all lawfully-owned handguns in Great Britain were registered handgun owners had to surrender their guns after the Dunblane incident. A 2 to 1 majority in Parliament found it commonsense that the crime of one person should lead to the collective punishment of 57,000 others. Think it can't happen here? In 1919. a very vocal, active minority succeeded in getting the 18th amendment passed, in time one could get the 2nd repealed.