rpapa Wrote:
Feb 14, 2013 8:22 AM
Banning of any weapon does not solve the problem of people killing people. If one can't be trusted with an AR15 for example, how can we trust them with a 9mm handgun or a .38 revolver, regardless of how many cartridges it holds. That almost sounds like we're saying, "it's OK to kill people with a 6 shot revolver, because you won't kill as many as you would with an AR15". The crux of the problem is not guns, it is people. We have bred a society of malcontents who take offense to any little thing they wish and feel they can seek revenge. Until our society returns to the moral values expressed my Judeo-Christian doctrine this problem will never be solved. Like the Front Sight motto says "You are the weapon, the gun is only a tool."