jrichardson Wrote:
Feb 13, 2013 11:02 AM
Where's the democrats plan? for four F*&^%$ years this empty suit and all his croney's in the senate haven't even balanced a budget. The Demoncraps had run of the mill for 2 years why couldn't they get anything done? I will tell you why, they are incompetant and gutless they are liberal crybabies who lack moral courage and integrity, hiding behing the EPA and George the Communist Soros. The EPA works for OPEC the only thing green about the EPA is money. We could have Millions of good paying jobs in this country if the EPA and these phoney a$% lobbyest groups would go to hell were they belong. We can send a man to the moon put satelites in space but we can't balance a budget they all need to be fired!