Feb 13, 2013 2:55 AM
Some not all cops are esses. Rookie cops and hiway petrol rookies tend to pick on some old folks...NO cojonies**make a rep for themselves..Some folks young and old do not know anything about the law and what their rights are. Drive in South Carolina & Georgia with an out of state tag and you WILL get pulled over....."The fine is uh wa $300.00 as we speak or COURT is tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM...We will put you up in the hotel till then" Hotel is the county Jail..".We are uh wa havin Fatback, Pintos & Krron bread. Any SC or Georgia troopers out there care to respond????? Been there---I know. Also " What er wa on earth ere you doin with that there gun ole man...(or boy) I'll hafa take that wi me") Never to see the gun again !!