lexi63 Wrote:
Feb 13, 2013 12:47 AM
why do you keep saying that 20 children died in sandy hook ? have you sent a team of journalist reporters in there to find out WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ? WE DONT KLNOW THAT ANYONE DIED IN SANDY HOOK- THERE IS 0 PROOF THAT ANYONE DIED THERE 0 - to the contrary it doesnt look like ANYONE DIED IN SANDY HOOK , why do you think so many people are supporting the underdog , who says this man shot ANYONE ? YOU DONT THINK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BELIEVE A WORD THE MEDIA , THE POLICE OR THE GOVERNMENT SAY DO YOU ? think again - when you send in a team to do the investigations into sandy hook and this shooting then maybe we will believe something . until then forget it . I DONT AND NO ONE I KNOW BELIEVES A WORD OF ANY OF IT