Mellisa55 Wrote:
Feb 12, 2013 12:38 PM
You are kidding? Read Drudge every day. At least the Romans HAD gods & goddesses, they paid lip service to the divinity in & of the universe even when they doubted the gods! This age has sex, celebrities, sin, materialism, atheism, TV, movies and rock and roll and not much else. It is ungodly, truly ungodly. It is nothing, has nothing: The Age of the Human Ego. Art is now crosses floating in urine & feces on a painting of the Lady Mary - you think that the Romans would have allowed a statue of Jupiter to be put in a bottle of urine or feces flung on a painting of Juno? NO? I'd be more comfortable in Ancient Rome than this godless & materialistic society - ungodly and crass, that is modern culture.