mileaway Wrote:
Feb 12, 2013 11:57 AM
Dear President Obama, Senator Feinstein and Congress, I know how to end "Criminal Gun Violence"; Just Shoot'em! ... No joking about it. Stop coddling them with Liberal Judges and sentences. Just shoot them as soon as you catch them. That is what the President wants to do to decent law abiding American citizens so why not shoot the Violent Criminals? "Sooner" than later the criminals will lay down their guns and only commit Non-Violent crimes! It will be a Happy Day for us all! As a BONUS, we will save HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Taxpayer dollars on injury claims, law enforcement manpower and equipment, Judges, Jurors, Jails, Printing, OMG just about everything! AND, Homeland Security can stop spying on Citizens and start tak