daunhin Wrote:
Feb 12, 2013 11:57 AM
My father (born in 1915 and a life long Republican) never liked Hover. He disliked FDR even more. I remember him wondering why no one liked Hover's plans, but adored FDR's when all FDR's came straight from Hover's playbook. Where Harding's plan worked, the Hover/FDR plan failed. Although the "Great Depression" showed signs of recovery in the late 1930"s, the effect of the Hover/FDR plan lasted up to 1942. Seems that both Hover and FDR didn't learn the lessons taught to them by Harding and Coolidge. Seems too, that our socialist president has forgotten those lessons. Well maybe he did learn them. But his socialist agenda precludes his implementing them. If Lincoln was the first RINO, Hover was possibly the second.