FinalRac Wrote:
Feb 12, 2013 11:05 AM
So American fought a great Civil War so blacks could be one parent families. Be the most incarcerated race in the world. Be filled with murderous gangs in their stressed out neighborhoods, produced low test scores for decades, have filthy mouths which have influenced our society in everything from dance, to music, to TV, ads, film, et al. Wowser. Black influence is so pervasive that all sports at least show they have talent. And loyal blacks have served in the Armed Forces faithfully. But, talent as to...what? The destruction of the black family, church, and manners??? Hmm. Like Obama, arrogance reigns with Foxx. And then there are the race pimps like Jesse and whiners like Al and victimhood players like the NAACP. Yep, talent galore.