diren Wrote:
Feb 12, 2013 6:40 AM
To All RNC-Ldrs, McConnell, Boehnor, Cantor, Preibus, Rand Paul, Rubio, Tea Partyers, Conservatives, Republicans, Independents, We mostly need more Inds and women citizens-voters to support Cons-candiates Now-2014-16-beyond ! The pro-Amnesty Leftsts-Libs-Dems-RINO's are using the "Nov-2012-Rep-election-losses, "Akin-Mourdock-fiasco" as an excuse to push their pro-illegal-alien-amnesty-propaganda-rhetoric ! Dems want 1,000,000s new anti-US-Dem-voters, RINO's want cheap labor, from amnestied illegals. In that scenario the Dems win the country, take control of the US-Govt-House-Senate-Courts ! The whole US-Govt will end up being like California if we don't put the brakes on Obama-Rubio-Schumer-McAmnesty-Durbin-Cantor Amnesty-$cheme-$cam !