Dr_Falken Wrote:
Feb 11, 2013 3:55 PM
If China or some other country were flying drones over my area on a regular basis, here's what I would do: 1) Build 4 GPS-guided, robotic dirigibles with solar panels on the top and a decent size gas generator on the bottom (along with a computer to control it, and a couple electric motors, control surfaces, etc.). They would be around 33 feet long by 8 feet in diameter, and hold part of a large, but very light, net. Said drones would cost less than $10,000 to build, per. 2) Program said drones to fly in tight formation close to the flight path of the drones (or non-autonomous aircraft) which harass me 3) when one is detected, send a command to expand the net directly in the flight path of the harassing plane.