Kevin32 Wrote:
Feb 11, 2013 1:18 PM
and if you are wondering about my electric bill, it has gone up about $60-$80 a month! till the local market built a solar plug in station in their parking lot for cust. under carports, and because he is a good friend of mine and I do all my shopping there, and I work within walkin dist, I leave my Volt parked there in good weather, and now I one have a $40 increase in my electric bill! and that is from the sun! I have great respect for the Volt, but NOT for obalmer! or his gov! the $$$ is wasa spending on gas alone, pays for the Volt, and I did not use the taxpayers $ in tax refunds! I did not need it! I am probably the only fool who has not though! and it should only be granted in a means test, of how much said buyer has filed for!