Dave64 Wrote:
Feb 11, 2013 11:19 AM
Social Conservatives, please explain to me the following: I can right now, get a Marriage License, wait 24 hrs, have a NOTARY sign it, and then myself and my girlfriend sign it and we are MARRIED. No priest, no ceremony, no nothing. We can have a PRENUPTIAL agreement drawn up that says all of our own personal property BEFORE the Marriage will remain OUR OWN, that is, it does not become community property. Essentially, in 24 hours, we can have all the tax and financial benefits of Marriage. Contrast that to a couple who does premarital counseling, waits a year, gets married in a Church, has a big religious ceremony, and co-mingles their assets. Which couple is MORE Married? Does either couple look DIFFERENT to the Gov't. NOPE!!