dgreene Wrote:
Feb 11, 2013 10:46 AM
No....only Bible believing sinners, who have asked for forgiveness for their sins, and follow Christ's instructions, are Christians! "Liberal Christian" is an oxymoron! (You can't BE a Christian, and be FOR; abortion, disarmament, Against Israel, etc. as these go against Christ's instructions! And Jesus said "It's all or none! You are either with ME or you are against Me!" "For ME (agree with My instructions, My life's work. do My will) or you are My enemy!" The fact that people who think they are "Christians" but stand in support of abortion, the 'gay' lifestyle, gays in scouting, and ministry, weapon 'control' and other such liberal focus, either have not read the Bible, or HAVE read it, and disagree with it! Jesus loves people, hates sin