nemdin Wrote:
Feb 11, 2013 8:19 AM
-Clinton-$-fundraisers, US-Co's, Bernie-Schwartz-Loral/Space-Systems, Michael-Armstrong-Hughes-Elec-Corp, Improperly shared hi-tech-satellite-missile-info w/Com-China, were fined $20-$32-mln by the State Dept after a US Govt investigation said the US-Co's info improved China's long-range nuclear missiles ! With Scandalous crimes involving Bill-Hill-Clinton, Dem fundraising for Chinese-%'s, mysterious death of Comrc-Sec Ron Brown, Bill Clinton's ally-friend prominent Dem fundraiser Bernie Schwartz, his Loral-Space-Corp's illegal transfer of hi-tech-satellite-missile-launching-guidance-control-system-info to China, which wound up aboard the Chinese DF-31 ICBM's, Why Are Bill-Hill-Clinton-BHO allowed to go anywhere near our-US-Govt ?-?-?