nemdin Wrote:
Feb 11, 2013 8:18 AM
controls, potentially benefit Chinese missile development ! Pres Obama issued a little-noticed ‘pres-determination’ Sept-29-2009 that delegated authority for determining whether missile-space-exports should be approved for China over to Comerc-Sec Gary Locke. Cmrc-officials say, "the shift won't cause controls to be loosened in regards to the export of missile-space-tech." Do you believe them ? Obama's a clear-present-danger to a free America ! The pres-notice alters a "key-prov of the 1999 Def-Auth-Act" that requird the pres to notify Congress whether a transfer of missile-space-tech to China would harm the US space-launch-ind or help China's missile programs. The law was passed after a late-1990s scandal involving the Top-Dem-Bill