nemdin Wrote:
Feb 11, 2013 8:15 AM
Hagel, Senators, Congressmen, citizens were wrong in 2003. The Surge was a winning battle plan. But CH was right in 2007 because the whole Iraq war was built on a complete lie, it was a complete waste. Surge or no Surge in the end we lost to Iran, China, Russia in so many ways costing them all nothing-zer-000-$$ ! There were no WMD that needed an invasion to stop ! Whatever SH had he wasn't going to use them anymore-less than NK, Iran, Pakistan would. Maybe that's what Hagel saw by 2007 but we didn't ! Was the Iraq war worth the cost, was it even our job to do, were the wrong methods used, all-out-war-instead-of 1st-taking Sadaam out of power, then alot of persuasive-but-more-peaceful-properly-planned-out-strategies-action-methods !