nemdin Wrote:
Feb 11, 2013 8:12 AM
If we Pander to Amnesty the Dems win the country, take control of the US-Govt-House-Senate-Courts ! The whole US-Govt will end up being like California if we don't put the brakes on Obama-Rubio-Schumer-McAmnesty-Durbin-Cantor Amnesty-$cheme-$cam ! pro-USA-pro-USC, Tea-Party-Cons-Reps must work together to bring the Ind, women voters back to our side ! Rand Paul, Steve King, Mike Lee, L-Gomert, T-Huelskamp, L-Bartella, M-Pence, T-Coburn, T-Johnson, S-Walker, P-Toomey, J-Kasich, D-Rohrabacher, J-Amash, T-Gowdy, D-Nunez, Sheriff Joe, M-Rubio, M-Blackburn, K-Ayotte, N-Haley, J-Brewer, D-Fischer, S-Martinez, M-Bachman, many more like them in the US-House-Senate-St-Govts, should be the leaders of the New-Conservative-Republican-Tea-Party !