AD15 Wrote:
Feb 10, 2013 3:35 PM
Ransom, good post in many ways. But you missed some of those minor occurrences that just had to be JUST RIGHT. The Bermuda HIGH USUALLY pulls the storms out into the Atlantic. 2. The Gulf Stream was unusally warm 3. A Nor'easter joined with the jet stream to add strength to the storm. 4. A BLOCKING high DID exist over Newfoundland. 5. The jet stream did split as it approached the east coast 6. The split in the jet sream spun back on itself and PULLED the hurricane inland. Results: Sandy got bigger and stronger and bigger and stronger as it moved up the East Coast. Then at the Chesapeake Bay area, it made a LEFT (SIGNIFICANT) turn and blasted Obama land. That is the area of the country that went so BIG for BHO. Scientists may call