BuggiOlleo Wrote:
Feb 10, 2013 9:57 AM
Let's face it;hoping a Conservative into Political seats does nothing; the only viable solution is to start in your own HOME district;the message filters UP; it always has. Carousing websites, submitting factoids,and challenging via internet is only PART of materializing the ultimate goal; to mobilize ideas-not swords-we have to come from the Computerized Condo and mingle with people.The Public Sector Mobiles bodies where-ever possible; they get paid; we don't;so, don't expect gas fare, protest reimbursement( pencils, posters),or happy sleepovers consuming a "happy hour" which starts from the time feet get planted on protest sites.They have gobs of cash;attrition at evry level is our only prayer &provides wiggle room for Conservative Ops.