Gazinya Wrote:
Feb 09, 2013 6:21 PM
If you had ever worked where 'years on job' meant 'increase pay for the experience' you would know that to give a 'new hire' the same wage you worked for 5 years to earn, you would not be so generous with your pay. How does an employer make up the 'pay scale' of the loyal employee that now has the experience of the job and the new employee? How do you think you would feel if your employer or you had to tell your employee that there will be no raises because that money has been given to the new guy? Santa Fe NM just raised the minimum wage to $10.60/hr and it will go up 3% in March. How can you get so much happyness from the waitress when she spent 5 yrs to get to $10.60/hr and the 'newbie' get the same wage and still needs training?