WillyBurg Wrote:
Feb 09, 2013 3:26 PM
Three years ago, we still lived in NYC . . . we went down to Karma (a little bar on the Lower East Side which was one of the few places you could have a drink and a cigarette at the same time . . . wonder if it's still open? The Little Emperor was certainly trying to shut it down.) It was Fashion Week then too, and we wanted to see Kim, our favorite bartender, who was a student at FIT. Hmm . . . wonder if she ever married the guy she was engaged to? Anyway, the column just prompted memory . . . and a renewed recognition that I am SO glad we escaped the Little Emperor's fiefdom. Best of luck, NYC . . . you need it with the "rulers" (Bloomberg, Cuomo, Schumer, et. al.) you've chosen.