lexi63 Wrote:
Feb 09, 2013 1:16 PM
a troop of monkeys would be a drastic improvement in washington then what we have now . lets impeach osama and start making drastic changes like make sure hillary & feinstien ( the 2 wicked witchs of the east & west ) OUT OF THERE , and get charles shumer ( that mass murdering baby killer OUT) , reno (the other mass murderer who sends military in after innocent americans to bomb them) get her out . We need to go in their with a new broom and sweep it clean from all the corruption and crookery that is in there now and of couse that no good traitorous,lieing,cummunist,racist ,hit man pig barry aka soretero aka obama aka what every his name is ( o i shouldnt be mean to little piggies like that ). FIRE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.