trenir Wrote:
Feb 09, 2013 10:26 AM
Why should we even be talking about allowing any kind of illegal-alien-immigration-amnesty after what the Illegal-US-Traitor-Obama has pulled ! Implementing his Illegal-alien-immigraion-amnesty-related "Directives" ignoring the pro-USA-pro-USC laws-rules already on the books, telling Napolitano, Holder, ICE, not to enforce the Law ! We need to get the Ind and women voters back on our side, Hispanos will always vote for the Dems, so stop lowering yourselves by pandering to them, as they intentially, unintentionally "in record-time" Legally-Illegally-Invade, Mock-Disrespect-$cheme-$cam-Bankrupt-Destroy, Overcrowd-Outnumber-Divide-Conquer, Our 1st-world-English-society-economy-language-culture-country the USA on a wide-wholesale-basis !