Beeblebrox Wrote:
Feb 09, 2013 9:25 AM
Whomever you are TunTavern, you're a glittering Jewell of a despicable human being. Hateful, uncaring, and pathetic. Like Hillary, your attitude is typical of the left. Human life, human suffering, the rule of law; "what difference does it make?" How about if we come over to your house, kill your family, and steal everything you own. No need for anyone to investigate that. "What difference does it make?" If you don't care the what's the point in anyone else caring? You think the life of another person is inconsequential? You think totalitarian rule is just fine? None of that matters to you? Please go away. Nihilism has no place in the American psyche. In fact, it is evidentiary that you aren't a true American at all.