Pat2881 Wrote:
Feb 09, 2013 9:25 AM
Not sure where you are getting your number, Obama-Drama, but that is not what government projections suggest. U.S. Census Population projections[59] 2010 2050 Whites (including hispanics and Some other race) 79.5% 74.0% Non-Hispanic Whites 64.7% 46.3% African Americans (including hispanics) 12.9% 13.0% Asian Americans (including hispanics) 4.6% 7.8% Hispanics/Latinos (of any race) 16.0% 30.2% Non-Hispanic/Latinos (of any race) 84.0% 69.8% Given the abortion rate among blacks, I don't think they will overtake whites any time soon, and the more Hispanics assimilate into mainstream culture, the less they will be attracted to government handouts. The projections suggest white Americans will still be 74% of the population in '50