mhood175 Wrote:
Feb 09, 2013 8:51 AM
Clinton made that comment AFTER the fact trying to point out that making all of these excuses and explanations is TOO LATE! It doesn't matter now because its after the fact and nothing can be done to change what happened - she meant, "its like beating a dead horse" type comment. She was angry, and if I were a little mouse sitting on her shoulder while she is making these comments (her and Bill) that seem to support ovomit, I'll bet inside she is shriveling up! She is out of office now, and IF she runs in 2016 all of those little 'secrets' will come out! Wait and see! She knows where the bodies are buried! I just hope she has the guts to tell where they are! She MUST be 'loyal' while SOS and I'll bet it made her gag more than once!!