mhood175 Wrote:
Feb 09, 2013 8:37 AM
I can honestly say that this is the worst, and most dispicable president this country has EVER had! I've disliked presidents before, and I've lived during the term of many, starting with Hoover, but this worthless poor excuse for even being a human being, much less our president, is beyond even my capability to describe how disgusting and pathetic his behavior and that of his 'Wife' has been! Is he MY president? H*** NO! I wouldn't walk across the street to meet him. A two-faced, double talking, untrustworthy piece of garbage whose sole intent is to destroy this country as we know it! WHY does he remain? Just think about WHAT voted for him! Gays, illegals, blacks, uneducated and stupid people, welfare rats, and other misfits!