bfouraker Wrote:
Feb 09, 2013 8:27 AM
My favorite line in your column is, "Al Gore can't fart sideways today without the gas being caused by Global Warming." Of course, Methane is "30 times as powerful as greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide so Al is contributing 30 times as much to Global Warming. There was a metorlogist on the radio who said the the earths olipitcal orbit goes through cycles. We are at the point that the cycle that caused the little ice age should be starting. We also are on the cusp of the 11,000 year moderate ice age cycle and the 105,000 year major ice cycle. We are probably nowhere near the warmest we have been as when Leaf the Lucky landed in Greenland in 1000 AD it was truly green along the coast. The are many factors in climate beyond our control.