FinalRac Wrote:
Feb 08, 2013 10:16 PM
Dennis Prager made a comment that after 50 yrs. of teaching and then pastoring for 20 within that time frame too, that I agree with: the yutes of today are not only the most secular but the most badly informed on every issue that affects us domestically and internationally that we, I, all have seen. And they voted for Bama and the Progressive anti-Americans. Happy LIttle Pagans Dennis calls them if they reside in SoCal. University education has programmed kids to be anti-American in all its mental, emotional , and what is left of spiritual motivations. What is worse is that 53% Catholics still voted for Bama atter he blasted their 1st Amend. rights. And millions of Evangelicals stayed at home in last Nov's election. Yikes.